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FUTURE CAMPS (bookings will open in January 2021) 
15th to 19th March 2021
29th March to 1st April 2021
5th to 9th April 2021
Recover and reset after the circuit breaker with our action-packed, fun-filled and entirely outdoor holiday camps!

All of our camps are held at our fabulous new nature space at 27A Loewen Road, Dempsey







09.00-12.30 daily (approx, staggered due to restrictions)


Children aged 4yrs to 11yrs*

Split into groups of five according to age

*Up to 11yrs for selected camps only


$415.00 per week

(5 x mornings)

New Collaboration with Soul Oasis for Nov & Dec 2020

Hands On Skin drumming circle for kids.

Nurturing your child’s inner rhythm!

Get hands, body and mind connected through a fun-based rhythmic experience.

Rhythm is part of nature and also part of our human nature, with a mother’s heartbeat the first rhythmic connection for the child.

Children are naturally curious and drawn to music, melody and predictable rhythm.

Especially during childhood, the nurturing of a natural relationship with rhythmic patterns builds a solid basis for the rest of their lives.

Actively playing with rhythm over time stimulates brain development and learning, supports maths, reading and writing, motor skills and coordination, social interaction, listening and focus.


Hands On Skin drumming circle offers a playful rhythmic group experience that will nurture and captivate your child’s imagination!

(this collaboration has resulted in a small price rise but we're sure the children will feel that the experience is worth it!)

An Example Day at Camp

Treat your children to a refreshing break from the indoors! Just like our Forest School programmes our outdoor adventure camps are guided by the interests of the children themselves. We provide a wide variety of experiences for the children to choose from and the table below provides an example of the kinds of things your child will be doing at camp. We never force participation, and we know how and when to carefully expand comfort zones. Our skilled instructors will be flexible and plan experiences based on the interests of their unique group of five.

We will be exploring exciting collaborations with organisations who share our ethos and excel in inspiring and connecting children to the energy of the natural world around them. Collaborations will foster holistic development and wellbeing and will help us to deliver calmer, happier and healthier children at the end of our camp (marshmallows excluded!). 

Practical Information

What about Covid-19?: Please see our Communicable Diseases Policy and rest assured that we will adhere to all government requirements for your child's safety.

How about wet weather? Wildlings @ Dempsey; 27A Loewen Road, is part of the larger Core Collective fitness and wellness hub. In our nature space we have plenty of shelter from wet weather (and we encourage the children to play in the rain!) but lightning is a serious threat in our tropical environment so we take shelter at the main pavilion or building if needed. Please see our Adverse Weather Policy for more information.  

Do you provide food and drinks? We do not provide food for snack time at the moment, however, we might roast sweetcorn on the campfire or bake jacket potatoes for example. So please provide your child's dietary requirements when booking and always send them to camp with a substantial snack and full water bottle. We have chilled drinking water onsite. by the ladies bathrooms so please fill water bottles before camp (we can refill at break time). 

How will you divide the children into groups? Each group will comprise five children and one Forest School Leader or Assistant (the instructor - this is permitted by SportsSG Advisory on Covid-19 'Safe Transition'). Children will be split into age groups is please email us if you would like your child to be placed with a friend. Although we can usually accommodate requests for one child to be placed with another one or two, we can't guarantee it.  

What about safe distancing? Groups of five will be gently encouraged to keep 1m apart by the instructor and individual groups will also be using different zones at different times. Our space is large and outdoors so distancing is entirely possible, We will likely bring all groups together onto our grasslands for some fun and games, whilst keeping the groups apart. We will work hard to both maintain a distance, yet help the children to feel part of a larger community. We will relax restrictions if allowed. 

Face masks or shields? Children under 12 and teachers are permitted to wear face shields and we recommend these over masks in the humid outdoors. and its easier the keep them clean and dry. Face coverings will be removed when undertaking physical exercise and during snack time. Face masks and shields can also obscure the vision, so when we are undertaking throwing and catching; obstacle courses, balancing, climbing, etc masks will also be removed for safety reasons and children will maintain a safe distance of the 3m recommended by SportsSG. Our space is well ventilated, being the great outdoors! Please provide all face coverings inside labelled Ziploc bags. Staff will sanitise their hands immediately if helping a child with their mask or shield. Children under the age of 6 do not need to wear a face covering. 


What should we pack in our child's bag? A good-sized snack, a generously sized drinking water bottle, a spare set of clothes, a small towel, mosquito repellant, hat, (apply sunscreen before camp please), a spare face shield or mask. (in a Ziploc bag). All items with a label, please.

What should our child wear? Long sleeves, long trousers, closed shoes, and socks, please. Ideally, old clothes loosely fitting, easy to change that you are happy to get mucky. There are also plenty of opportunities to get wet so a change of clothes is essential. We will help younger children who need help to change. 

What about dengue? Currently, our site is not located inside a dengue cluster. As a nature space, with jungle bordering two sides and our own slice of the jungle, mosquitoes are inevitable so please dress your child in loose clothing covering arms and legs and apply mosquito repellant and pack this in their bags. We are very actively tackling the mosquitoes on all fronts to make our nature space a safe and pleasant place to be, 

Can you accommodate children with special needs?  We have in the past been able to accommodate children with mild special needs at camp but please do seek advice from us first before booking to be sure we can provide your child with the care necessary. 

And finally..... Terms and conditions apply. All adults will be required to sign our waiver form. We will need you to check your children in and out of camp using Safe Entry. 


Pick-up and drop-off is at our premises in Dempsey. The address is 27A Loewen Road, Singapore, 248839. We occupy part of the Core Collective fitness and wellness hub. The location boasts an excellent cafe, pizza restaurant, Swish swimming pool, fitness and wellness services and the nearby Trimmings Spa. 

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