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Some kind words from our community,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for being so passionate about what you do! It truly is a wonderful way to spend the morning and I know a lot of us felt truly lucky to be able to have this experience in Singapore! 

When the kids where playing in the little 'river' it truly was so wonderful seeing the kids so happy and at peace!

I hope B and our family can continue to be part of the wonderful little world you and your fab team are creating! 


Thanks for being you!

Bonnie & B (21m), January 2021

I just had to sit down and write a message to you about how much we love and value forest school for E. We have been looking for something more for her to do for a while. But we couldn't seem to find 'the perfect option' until we stumbled upon Wildlings. I was so happy to attend the accompanied sessions at the start of the year. I really enjoyed the nature play that we did in the summer. Every time we came we got something different out of it. I was a bit apprehensive about sending E to the unaccompanied sessions in August. However, she has completely thrived and the growth that she has made is incredible. It is absolutely the highlight of her week and not a day goes passed when she doesn't talk about it. It was so lovely to do some nature play sessions with her during the holiday. The change in her from the August sessions was unbelievable. Which brings me to the Halloween session. E has been looking forward to Halloween since last year! We normally do an event at my school which had to be cancelled due to COVID. I was so worried about letting her down. And yet, there was forest school again, with another wonderful opportunity. E didn't even notice the rain and had the best time. It was so nice to come and do different activities in the space. All of the activities were perfect for her age range and helped her to enter in to the spirit of the celebrations. She can't wait to do it again next year.

So I guess that we are writing to say, thank you so much for the wonderful and varied activities that you provide for our daughter. Thank you for finding the fun in these challenging times and providing alternative opportunities. Thank you for having such wonderful staff that empower and inspire E.

We are so grateful that E gets to have these experiences and can't wait for R to have his turn when he is old enough.

Best wishes,

Lorna and Michael 

Parents to E, 3.75yrs, attending drop off forest school 

Thank you for sparking our love, connection and respect for the Forest. Every week you inspire us with your passion, creativity and dedication. Thank you for everything that you do to make this experience as rich as possible for our girls and for us. 

Class of 2019


The opportunities for child led play were endless which was possibly why the group were so peaceful and engaged.
As a mum, I enjoyed the slowness of pace of just being outside, genuinely discovering nature and being free to explore and being able to take a step back. Watching him interact with the others and not feeling pressured to play or do anything. The forest was a spectacular place for a lesson. 

Thanks Claire for inviting us, and we’ll be seeing the class next week for more adventures in Bukit Batok! Anyone who is changing the face of education in Singapore like this is a Friend of Chapter Zeros.

Steph, Mum of F, 2.5yrs

Claire, thank you for everything you’ve given us through Wildings and of yourself that you've invested in our children. It’s not only the kids who have benefited it's us mums (and I wish dads) too. Reconnection with nature, letting go, resourcefulness, natural risk taking, and inventiveness are all things I appreciate from what you’ve done.. 

Jess, Mum of B, 3yrs

Thank you to all of the great people that we have met at Forest School, everyone is unique and brings something special which is what makes Forest School so magical.


Thank you Claire for the opportunity that you have given us and the platform that you have created, you have enabled us to experience nature in the best and most natural way.


We’ve had so much fun with you all. Thank you.

Naama, Mum of T, 4yrs

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