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"An old Indian saying: 'It's better to know one mountain than to climb many"

― Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder


Our Signature Wildlings style is operating Forest School out of our own, private, purposefully designed nature space(s) near to publicly managed natural areas. Our first nature space is the first of its kind in Singapore, located in the convenient, historic part of the country in Dempsey, just south of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. 

Standing at over one acre in size, our nature space boasts all of the facilities needed to run our programmes, purposely designed to get children and families outdoors and active and connecting with the natural world. 

We venture outside of our boundary into the wider Dempsey area for our own nature and heritage trail. We work with neighbours in Dempsey to expand our Forest School experiences.


Wildlings Nature Space

27A Loewen Road 



Located in the Dempsey Hill area, we occupy part of the Core Collective lifestyle and wellness hub. 

Wildlings Eco-Centre West Coast Park

Our second location is nestled within the new City Sprouts Farm located within the park boundary itself. We have the unique opportunity to utilise our private and purposely designed spaces, the entire farm, and all of West Coast Park for your programmes. 

Drop Off: City Sprouts Farm, 40 West Coast Ferry Road, 126887

Parking: West Coast Park, Car Park 2.

West Coast Gallery
East Coast Park

Our East Coast Park Forest Cubs session takes place in and around Coastal Playgrove. The session starts at the Outdoor Classroom before moving on to explore the surrounding area. 

There are adverse weather shelters and the session goes ahead whatever the weather. 

For details on how to get there please visit the NParks website:  

Coastal Playgrove - Image from NParks.jpg
Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get to Wildlings by public transport? 


The closest buses are located on Holland Road:

  • After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Before Tyersall Avenue

  • CSC Dempsey Clubhouse

  • Opposite Peirce Road

Each stop is approximately an 8-10 minute walk through Dempsey to Wildlings. 

The nearest MRT is Napier on the Thomson East Coast line which is 15 minutes walk away. 


The closest bus stops are located on West Coast Highway and are a few minutes walk from the City Sprouts farm. They link to the Circle Line in just a few minutes and there is a step-free pedestrian crossing that links the bus stops on either side of the highway:

  • Aft Clementi Road, West Coast Highway

  • Bef Clementi Road, West Coast Highway

The nearest MRT is Haw Par Villa and can be reached via bus in approximately 10 minutes. 


For details on how to get there please visit the NParks website:  

Is there car parking? 

Yes. At Dempsey, Core Collective has about 30 car parking spaces. If the car park is full there is more parking at 72 and 75 Loewen Road near The Yard and the Museum of Ice Cream.

At West Coast Park and East Coast Park both are well served by public car parks within a few minutes walk of our session locations. 

Is there a taxi drop-off point? 

Yes. Dempsey: Taxis can drop you right at the end of the short pathway to our gate at the end of the Core Collective car park

West Coast: Please set the address to West Coast Park Car Park 2. 

East Coast: Please set the address to Coastal Playgrove.


Are there shower or bathroom facilities?

Yes. Each location has been chosen partly due to its access to restroom facilities. 

Is there food and beverage available? 

Yes. Plank Pizza and Baker and Cook are our neighbours at Core Collective. They serve food for the family and are a family friendly restaurant. 

At East Coast there are plenty of options for you, and at West Coast the City Sprouts Farm has its own bistro serving family friendly food and drinks. 

Is there a space where I can work whilst I wait for my child? 

Yes there is. We do not currently provide a co-working space, however, parents do use the restaurants and covered areas at Core Collective with free wifi to work whilst waiting. If your young child needs support whilst settling into a drop-off programme we are happy to provide a quiet resting space inside our fence. 

West Coast has its own bistro and there is a Kith Cafe a short walk away at the Oasia Residence, 123 West Coast Crescent 126779. 

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