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Volunteering and TRAINING

Community Gardening and Conservation Programme

What is it? 

Join us in cultivating a greener, more connected world through our Free Community Gardening and Conservation Program at Wildlings. This initiative is a celebration of nature, community spirit, and sustainable living. Whether you're a local resident, a fitness and wellness enthusiast, a parent, an aspiring Forest School Leader, or simply someone passionate about gardening, this program offers a unique opportunity to nurture the environment, share knowledge, meet new people and learn new skills. Each session is a blend of learning, practical gardening, and community building, all set in the beautiful backdrop of our nature space in Dempsey. 


Why Join?

  • Its absolutely free

  • Gain new knowledge and skills from our passionate team as we exchanges our our expertise and our resources

  • Enjoy fresh produce and the fruits of your labour

  • Support environmental education by helping to create the spaces that our children need to thrive

  • Enhance the beauty and utility of Wildlings creating a vibrant habitat for wildlife 

  • Promote Eco-Consciousness by engaging in activities that raise awareness and inculcate practices for a more sustainable world.

  • Meet like-minded people and enjoy a social and participatory atmosphere.

Who Can Participate?

  • Adults and students aged 16 and above. Young persons 12-15yrs may participate with an adult. 

  • Residents from the local community.

  • Individuals passionate about fitness, wellness, and sustainable living.

  • Parents of children enrolled in our Forest School and children who attend Hornbills or Eagles Sessions (sorry, Sunbirds are too young)

  • Aspiring Forest School Leaders and those in Outdoor Education.

  • Enthusiasts from various special interest groups and hobbyists.

What Does Each Session Offer?

  • Warm Welcome: Start with sampling some fresh produce from our gardens.

  • Interactive Learning: Each session kicks off with a thematic talk, followed by a guided walk and garden observation.

  • Hands-On Gardening: Dive into the gardens for some physical gardening work, including new activities and follow-ups from previous weeks.

  • Closing Reflections: Wind down with a group reflection and heartfelt farewells.

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