Thursdays: 3.30-6.00pm
Fridays: 3.30-6.00pm
Saturdays: 3.00-5.30pm (extra sessions during Forest School break at 9.30am on Saturdays)
Sundays: 9.30-12.00pm, 3.00-5.30pm

Play goes 'old school' at our fabulous nature play space in Dempsey

Are you tired of sterile and sanitised indoor play gyms with below-par food, or pirate-ship playgrounds which offer the same limited play-formula for children? Come along with your children and experience our nature space where the great outdoors takes centre stage and offers limitless possibilities for adventurous play and exploration for children aged 2 years to 10 years.

Enjoy a playdate with friends. Pick up a fabulous coffee from Baker & Cook, bring a picnic, or even bring along take-away pizza from Plank for the kid's dinner. There are multiple convenient F&B options right on our doorstep.

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."

- John Muir

Children's Day Celebration
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Nature Playtime with Diwali
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The difference between Nature Play and Forest School
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What Can You do at Nature Playtime? 

There is so much to do at nature playtime it's best to let your children lead the way and spend as much time in any play area as they would like. 

We have an activity booklet with nature playtime passport to provide a little inspiration and guidance to those new to this style of play or perhaps visiting for the first time and wondering what their children can do at Wildlings. 

Safety in our Nature Space 

Nature play in the tropics isn't without its hazards, and it won't be right for everyone. Take a look at our Hazard Watch to know what to expect!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Taking Care of the Environment at Wildlings

Please be courteous when visiting and help to keep our Nature Space beautiful and the equipment in one piece where it belongs for everyone to enjoy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to attend? 

As of 1st January 2022 children must be at least 18 months to enter Wildlings @Dempsey for a Nature Playtime session. 

Younger children may enter if they are accompanying an older sibling. 

Children under 18m accompanying an older sibling must have a purchased ticket if they are walking unaided. 

How many adults can accompany one child? 

One adult is included with every purchased ticket. Extra adults can top-up $5 at the gate. This is a small wear and tear fee for our nature space and helps us to keep the ecosystem healthy despite higher footfall. 

Can I cancel or reschedule? 

Please view our terms and conditions before pre-booking. 

Your pre-booking is non-refundable and non-transferable by Wildlings, however, if you are a Wix Spaces App user and have joined the Wildlings site you may reschedule your own bookings up to 14 days in advance. 


ALthough we are usually fully booked at weekends, we can accommodate a few walk-in places. For Thursdays and Fridays please do book in advance to guarantee we have met the minimum numbers needed to run the session otherwise we may be forced to cancel.  Please check our bookings page for availability and to book.


What shall we wear? 

For your own comfort, we recommend you and your children wear appropriate clothing for play outdoors in a wild space. This includes;

Long sleeves

Long bottoms

Closed shoes

Mosquito repellant



UV rash vests and water play clothing is also a good choice


We have messy play opportunities so please bring a towel and a change of clothes so that your children can indulge their play-urges unrestricted. It is not a requirement that you or your children are dressed like this. 


Are there bathrooms to change and toilets? 

There are toilets and showers on site at the main Core Collective building. Please be respectful and use some of the water to wash off your muddy children before entering these spaces!


For your convenience we recommend that you visit the bathrooms before entering our site and bring a portable potty for children aged 4 years and below who may frequently need to visit the bathroom.


Are there facilities for babies?  (accompanying older Siblings 2yrs+ to Nature Playtime)

There is a breastfeeding room at the main Core Collective building if you prefer to breastfeed in private. There is heated water for milk formula in the breastfeeding room and a playpen in the shower room.


If you would like to bring a baby we recommend also bringing a baby carrier and a padded picnic mat. Please leave prams at the front entrance. Babies walking unaided must have a paid ticket. 


What safety issues do we need to consider? 

Please supervise your children at all times. You remain responsible for your children. 

Please alert us immediately if you find any hazards.

Shoes must be worn at all times except in the water play area and the bell tent.

You are required to sign our waiver before entering our site.

Do we need ot tell you if we are running late?

There is no need. We open and close nature playtime sessions as per our timetable. You are free to arrive and depart at your leisure. 

What do you do if there is rain or lighting?

Wet weather is part of nature play. For every customer who doesn't want to come if its raining we have a customer who sees this as part of the experience. Please understand that the weather is localised and changeable and we make the best call based on the conditions where we are at the time. If you choose not to attend nature playtime due to the weather but we open for the session then you will forfeit your booking if you have pre-booked. 

Although we are currently busy at weekends and pre-booking guarantees your space, if there is availability on our website you can always drop-in and pay at the gate when you know the weather conditions are pleasant. For Thursdays and Fridays we recommend pre-booking because we will only open for the Nature Playtime session if we have enough customers booked in. 

If lightning is closing in we will follow our three step prpcedure below. We do our best to go ahead safely and run as much of every session as possible. If we are forced to close with less than one hour's playtime you will recieve a full voucher to rebook, if we close with more than an hour or less than 90. minutes of playtime, you will recieve a voucher code for 50% off another booking. If we have been open for 90 minutes or more then we will not compensate for an early closure due to adverse weather. 

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