Play goes 'old school' at our fabulous new nature play space in Dempsey
Weekly, most Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons, with a 12-2.30 session on Saturdays too. Please check our timetable on the bookings page for weekly variations.
NEW! Nature Play with Kidmando
3 to 5yrs
class every Thursday during nature playtime at 4.15pm

Are you tired of indoor play gyms and pirate-ship playgrounds which offer the same limited play-formula for children? Then come along with your children and experience our nature space where nature takes centre stage and offers limitless possibilities for adventurous play and exploration for children aged 2 years to 10 years.


We mix it up each week with new play opportunities to connect children with the natural world. Through opening our space up for nature play we provide more opportunities for children to get outdoors without the regular commitment of Forest School.


We recommend that children are accompanied by a friend or two to make the most of what we have to offer which largely involves creative, collaborative, and imaginative play in nature.


"Learning is enhanced through open-ended nature play. Without even knowing it, kids are working on their math and science skills as they construct things. What may at first glance appear to be a frivolous play is often engagement in a hyper-rich learning environment" -

From Scott Sampson, How to Raise a Wild Child

Nature Play takes place at our premises in Dempsey. The address is 27A Loewen Road, Singapore, 248839. We occupy part of the Core Collective fitness and wellness hub. The location boasts an excellent cafe, pizza restaurant, Swish swimming pool, fitness and wellness services and the nearby Trimmings Spa. 

You can find our gate at the end of the car park, past the swish swimming pool and towards the large trees. 

The difference between Nature Play and Forest School
Safety in our Nature Space 

Nature play in the tropics isn't without its hazards, and it won't be right for everyone. Take a look at our Hazard Watch to know what to expect!

20 Things to Do at Nature Play
Practical Information

Social Distancing

Please see details posted around the site.

Please use the Safe Entry App to check-in yourself (until replaced by Trace Together tokens) 

Groups no bigger than eight persons.

Strict site capacity limits apply so please book in advance to guarantee your place.

Don't forget face coverings. These can be removed if children are engaged in strenuous activities as long as they are social distancing. Children under 6 do not need to wear face coverings. 


Terms and Conditions

Please view our terms and conditions

Your booking is non-refundable, but with 12hrs notice we can provide a voucher to rebook.



Please wear appropriate clothing for play outdoors in a wild space;

Long sleeves

Long bottoms

Closed shoes

Mosquito repellant



UV rash vests and water play clothing is also a good choice


We have messy play opportunities so please bring a towel and a change of clothes so that your children can indulge their play-urges unrestricted.


Bathrooms and Toilets

There are toilets and showers on site at the main Core Collective building. Please be respectful and ask for our hose for your muddy children before entering these spaces!

For your convenience we recommend that you visit the bathrooms before entering our site and bring a portable potty for children aged 4 years and below who may frequently need to visit the bathroom.



There is a breastfeeding room at the main Core Collective building if you prefer to breastfeed in private. There is heated water for milk formula in the breastfeeding room and a playpen in the shower room.


Our wild space is not ideal for babies. If you would like to bring a baby we recommend also bringing a baby carrier and a padded picnic mat.

Please leave prams at the front entrance. 


Lightning / Bad Weather Procedure


Wet weather is part of nature play. For every customer who doesn't want to come if its raining we have a customer who sees this as part of the experience. Please understand that the weather is localised and changeable and we make the best call based on the conditions where we are at the time. If you choose not to attend nature play due to the weather but we open for the session then you will forfeit your booking. 

Although we are currently busy and advanced booking for Nature Play is advised, if there is availability on our website you can always drop-in and pay on the door when you know the weather conditions are pleasant. 


Please supervise children at all times.

Please alert us immediately if you find any hazards.

Shoes must be worn at all times except in the water play area and the bell tent.

Please sign our waiver before entering our site.


Respect Nature

Taking things home

Please don’t take anything without asking – lots of things can be taken away, but some things we may have carefully sourced and provided so please check with us first.

Picking Plants 

Please don’t pick plants without checking first - this is allowed for many species of creepers, weeds, invasive species, but not everything, so let us show you what is OK.


Please don’t trample in the planting beds – there are lots of places you can trample in the open spaces, clearings and pathways.

Living Creatures

If you catch any wildlife please take care of it and return it to its home after you have had a little look – we have found plenty of wildlife so we’re sure you will too.

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