about us


about us

Wildlings is leading the way in connecting children and families with the natural world through our tropical Forest School.

We are establishing Forest School as part of a normal part of childhood in Singapore. This is because we believe that every child should have agency over their play and learning and has the right, and the need, to spend time playing and exploring in the great outdoors.


We run our own Forest School sessions in our exclusive nature space in Dempsey and Singapore’s public natural spaces to provide parents with alternative choices to traditional play-groups, play-gyms and pre-schools. We run Forest School programmes for Schools as an in-curricular activity and after-school club. We operate a strong community because we recognize that Forest School is only one part of a child's experiences which shape the adult they are to become.   

" The wild world is becoming so remote to children that they miss out – and an interest in the natural world doesn’t grow as it should. Nobody is going to protect the natural world unless they understand it." Sir David Attenborough

"I enjoyed the slowness of pace of just being outside, genuinely discovering nature and being free to explore and being able to take a step back"

"Reconnection with nature, letting go, resourcefulness, natural risk taking, and inventiveness are all things I appreciate from what you’ve done"

Our Team


Our superstar team at Wildings is made up of people who have a passion for the environment, sustainability, childhood development, arts & crafts and all things outdoorsy. Their rich and diverse experiences create the perfect mix to build our community for learning, nurture the heart within each child and establish everything 'Forest Schools' as the norm within Singapore.

Claire Seabrook
MSci Environmental Science, Forest School Leader Level 3
Founder & Forest Schools Specialist

Environmental scientist, nature enthusiast, Forest School Leader and Mum of two. Passionate about nature, child development and child-led learning through play and inspired by the great outdoors, Claire is the Founder of Wildlings. 

Su Lyn Ng
MSc in Accounting & Finance, Bachelor of Commerce 
Business Manager

A renewable energy investment banker in her previous life and a mom of two young ones, Su Lyn believes that reconnecting children with nature at an early age is integral to developing a love and respect for the environment and the key to building a sustainable future. 

Aminah Abdul Latif
Bachelor of Science (Early Childhood Education)
Senior Educator, Forest School Leader (in training)

Aminah is a mum of two boys and joins Wildlings as a senior teacher for early years with extensive experience in running programmes for young children in a Reggio Emilia environment, where nature is a considerable part of the experience and children lead the way. Aminah leads our weekday drop-off programme as well as our accompanied sessions for young children. 

Julie Woods
BA Political Science 
Associate Educator Forest School Leader (in training)

Julie is a mum of two teenage boys and grew up in the US, in New England on the Atlantic coast. Some of her happiest memories are all outdoors: climbing trees and building forts, camping, jumping into leaf piles in fall, sledding and skiing, fishing in the Atlantic, hunting for salamanders and frogs, gardening, etc! 

Julie enjoys reading, gardening, skiing, playing tennis, cooking, and is a certified yoga teacher. She believes we stay young if we stay curious and breath deeply!

David Gan
Forest School Leader (in training)
Outdoor Adventure Programme Manager

David has worked with children his whole career ever since leaving full time education. David has previously worked for Camp Challenge and Forest Schools Singapore, and also as a freelancer running his own Forest School inspired programmes and camps. David strongly believes that nature should form a fundamental part of the wide variety of experiences that a child is exposed to. 

Zhulhilmi 'Zhul' Bin Abdul Rashid
BA Communication Design
Landscape Gardener and Educator (Forest School Leader (in training)

A proud uncle and a music lover, Zhul graduated with a BA in Communication Design. Realising a passion for the outdoors, sustainability, and our planet, Zhul has been gaining new knowledge and skills as a landscape gardener managing a popular community garden near to Dempsey. He joins us on a part-time basis to help our Forest School site flourish. 

Kathleen Corner
WhatsApp Image 2021-01-11 at 20.42.23.jp
BEd (Early Childhood Education) , BA (Sons) in Applied Linguistics
Senior Educator Forest School Leader (in training)

Kathy is a mum and passionate outdoor education advocate. Kathy has extensive experience as an educator in South Africa and Singapore. She is wild about the earth and all things growing on it!

Eve Labine
WhatsApp Image 2021-01-13 at 12.26.54.jp
Founder: Kidmando Fundamental Movement Skills, Head Coach
Forest School Leader in Training
Associate Educator

Eve is a mum of 3 and founder and Head Coach of Kidmando, which runs outdoor active classes for kids focussing on Fundamental Movement Skills. Her upbringing in Canada seeded in her a love for nature and playing outside, something she is passionate about helping to grow in children.   

Jessica Broughton
jess broughton.heic
Founder: KonaCoco 
Forest School Leader (in training)

A sustainable fashion designer, entrepreneur, mother and passionate nature lover.  Jess learned from a nature filled childhood in Australia’s bushlands and beaches, that connecting and demystifying nature with children breeds a solid foundation for sustainable living and enjoyment of ‘the simple things’.  She believes nature is the root of all creativity, and rewilding of the population, to a degree, is essential for our continued survival on earth.  She loves kids, animals, cookery and art, and having a good laugh.

Thashaini Murugan
Screenshot 2021-05-23 at 7.07.55 PM.png
Professional Diploma with Merit in Early Childhood Care and Education (Childcare)
Diploma in Environmental Science
Associate Educator (Weekends)

Thashaini joins us at the weekends for our Saturday morning club after a busy week working in a local pre-school. Thashaini marries both qualifications in early childhood and environmental sciences to create a perfect match for Forest Schools. 

Jerome Sim
Screenshot 2021-05-23 at 7.08.35 PM.png
BEng Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Forest School Weekend Assistant (In training)

Dad of two Jerome has worked as a Sunday School Teacher and part-time assistant with Whizz Kidz. New to Forest Schools, Jerome loves taking his two young children out on trips in the great outdoors where Nature is always a talking point. 

Jerome is assisting our Sunday morning programme of Nature Play and parties. 

Celine Soh
Screenshot 2021-05-23 at 7.06.34 PM.png
BEd Early Childhood Education
Associate Educator, Forest School Leader (in training)

Celine joins Wildlings after working with a variety of prestigious Reggio Emilia institutions in Singapore. Celine is passionate about empowering children in child-led settings and believes all children are unique and competent learners. 

Celine is an ultimate frisbee fan and has enjoyed taking children on international camps abroad, including to far flung places like Karuizawa in Japan!

Sylvia Ng
Founder: ARAWME, Dive Master and outdoor educator
Associate Educator

Sylvia is an aspiring business owner with a passion for childhood development in the outdoors! An experienced outdoor educator, Sylvia joins us to help run our regular Forest School sessions after a wonderful stint as a camp leader over the summer. 

Laila Remahl
BSc (Zoology), MEd (Early Childhood Education), MSc (Occupational Therapy) 
Associate Educator

Laila has been immersed in the natural world (Singapore and other countries) since before she could walk by her nature loving, birdwatcher father. This love for nature, steered her decision to study zoology. However, life had other plans as she ventured into early childhood education, experiencing the variety of Singapore ECE from local childcares to international preschools.


Realising her love for helping children figure out their strengths and experience success in the world, she embarked on a career in occupational therapy. Believing that the outdoors provides a rich, dynamic environment that builds resilience and supports emotional well-being in children.