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about us

Wildlings has been leading the way in connecting children and families with the natural world through our tropical Forest School since 2019.

We created Wildlings in response to a lack of of opportunities for children to play freely and safely in truly natural spaces in Singapore. It seemed that every space had pathways, and rules, and someone telling us that letting our child run barefoot, climb a tree, or play in the rain would be bad for them, the very activities we spent our childhoods doing back home in the UK. 

All loose parts that make nature fascinating for children are cleaned away and considered unsightly, such as a pile of leaves, fallen seedpods or sticks, sharp or otherwise. Rules demanded we stay on the pathway, didn't touch, didn't connect, didn't play. 

We once took a picnic mat and sat amongst the trees and were told by an official that 'camping' wasn't allowed. 

Wildlings exists to provide spaces where children and families can do these things as part of a normal childhood. Where kids can dig, get muddy, swing from a tree, find a worm, pick the plants, catch a tadpole..... with the support of our passionate Forest School staff, community, and landlords. 

The Forest Schools ethos guide everything we do and provides an acceptable framework to get children and families back outdoors, active, connecting with nature, and fostering the next stewards of our planet. These are children who have been allowed to develop their love, curiosity, connection, and memories as part of a natural childhood with wellbeing at its heart. 


A childhood away from screens and sterilised indoor environments.

Welcome to Wildlings. 

" The wild world is becoming so remote to children that they miss out – and an interest in the natural world doesn’t grow as it should. Nobody is going to protect the natural world unless they understand it." Sir David Attenborough

"I enjoyed the slowness of pace of just being outside, genuinely discovering nature and being free to explore and being able to take a step back"

"Reconnection with nature, letting go, resourcefulness, natural risk taking, and inventiveness are all things I appreciate from what you’ve done"

Our Team


Our superstar team at Wildings is made up of people who have a passion for the environment, sustainability, childhood development, arts & crafts and all things outdoorsy. Their rich and diverse experiences create the perfect mix to build our community for learning, nurture the heart within each child and establish everything 'Forest Schools' as the norm within Singapore.

Claire Seabrook
MSc Environmental Science, Forest School Leader Level 3
Founder & Forest Schools Specialist

Environmental scientist, nature enthusiast, Forest School Leader and Mum of two wonderful Wildlings children.


Claire is passionate about nature, child development and child-led learning through play and inspired by the great outdoors and the wonderful Green School in Bali. Claire loves nothing more than to watch a bunch of kids jumping into the mud hole at Wildlings!


Claire is the Founder and CEO of Wildlings. 

Julie Woods
BA Political Science 
Operations Director, Forest School Leader 

Julie is a mum of two teenage boys and grew up in the US, in New England on the Atlantic coast. Some of her happiest memories are all outdoors: climbing trees and building forts, camping, jumping into leaf piles in fall, sledding and skiing, fishing in the Atlantic, hunting for salamanders and frogs, gardening, etc! 

Julie enjoys reading, gardening, skiing, playing tennis, cooking, and is a certified yoga teacher. She believes we stay young if we stay curious and breath deeply!

Su Lyn Ng
MSc in Accounting & Finance, Bachelor of Commerce 
Business Manager

A renewable energy investment banker in her previous life and a mom of two young ones, Su Lyn believes that reconnecting children with nature at an early age is integral to developing a love and respect for the environment and the key to building a sustainable future. 

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Syaza Koh
Batchelors of Communications, Early Childhood Certified, trainee Green Educator, Trainee Forest School Leader
Adventure Programme Manager

Syaza is a multi-talented adventurer! Syaza spent four years running a community project in Thailand and years working in early childhood collecting qualifications in communications and special needs along the way. 

Syaza loves photography, freelance writing, and leading community programmes. 

Zhulhilmi 'Zhul' Bin Abdul Rashid
BA Communication Design
Landscape Gardener and Forest School Leader 

A proud uncle and a music lover, Zhul graduated with a BA in Communication Design. Realising a passion for the outdoors, sustainability, and our planet, Zhul gained knowledge and skills as a landscape gardener managing a popular community garden near to Dempsey. 

Zhul joined Wildlings full time in December 2020 and has been instrumental in the development of our Forest School site. Zhul leads Forest School sessions with younger children on Wednesdays and Saturdays. and hosts many of our customer's birthday parties. 

Syaz Roslee
Diploma in Outdoor Adventure Learning
Forest School Assistant and Trainee Forest School Leader

Syaz is passionate about animal welfare and joins us from ACRES where she spent her days rescuing wildlife and amassing a wonderful knowledge of snakes. 

Syaz is our resident wildlife expert and takes care of our chickens and insects between running our programmes and sharing her passion with the next generation. 

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Kathleen Corner
BEd (Early Childhood Education) , BA (Sons) in Applied Linguistics
Schools Coordinator & Forest School Leader

Kathy is a mum and passionate outdoor education advocate. Kathy has extensive experience as an educator in South Africa and Singapore. She is wild about the earth and all things growing on it!

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Eve Labine
Founder: Kidmando Fundamental Movement Skills, Head Coach
Forest School Leader in Training
Forest School Leader 

Eve is a mum of 3 and founder and Head Coach of Kidmando, which runs outdoor active classes for kids focussing on Fundamental Movement Skills. Her upbringing in Canada seeded in her a love for nature and playing outside, something she is passionate about helping to grow in children.   

Daniela Wespi.jpeg
Daniela Wespi Civelli
Federal VET Diploma in Commerce
Business Administration 

Daniela was one of Wildlings first every parents joining us for our Forest Playgroup at Bukit Batok Nature Park back in 2019. Daniela joins the team to support our business administration and customers services function. 

Daniela is from Switzerland and a mum of two boys and loves to get outdoors and back to nature with the family just like she did as a child growing up back home. 

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Thashaini Murugan
Professional Diploma with Merit in Early Childhood Care and Education (Childcare)
Diploma in Environmental Science
Associate Educator (Weekends)

Thashaini joins us at the weekends for our Saturday morning club after a busy week working in a local pre-school. Thashaini marries both qualifications in early childhood and environmental sciences to create a perfect match for Forest Schools. 

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Vicnesh Pannirselvam
Forest School Assistant 

Vicnesh is an all-rounder helping out at Wildlings with a variety of tasks! You'll see Vicnesh working anything and everything from improving our gardens and taking care of our chickens to supporting our Camp and Forest School Leaders to run activities with your children. 

Screenshot 2021-05-23 at 7.08.35 PM.png
Jerome Sim
BEng Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Forest School Weekend Assistant 

Dad of two Jerome has worked as a Sunday School Teacher and part-time assistant with Whizz Kidz. New to Forest Schools, Jerome loves taking his two young children out on trips in the great outdoors where Nature is always a talking point. 

Jerome is assisting our Sunday morning programme of Nature Play and parties. 

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Keane Low
Forest School Weekend Assistant 

Keane is Singaporean and joined Wildlings with experience in a number of outdoor educational programmes in Singapore. 

Keane has completed two years of National Services, camping outdoors and living in swamps! Keane supports our weekend, events, and camp programmes. 

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