TIMETABLE & Term Dates

Term 4: Monday 24th October to Saturday 10th December 2022
The Year Ahead 2022-2023

Holiday Camps​

17th to 21st October

25-28th October

Term 4: Tuesday 25th October to Saturday 10th December (7 weeks) 

Diwali 24th October (Nature Playtime with Diwali)

Halloween Weekend: 29 - 30th October 

Holiday Camps - 23rd November to 9th December

Christmas & End of Year Break

Holliday Camp: 12th to 16th December

Christmas Festival: 17th & 18th December

Holiday Camp: 19th to 22nd December

End of Year Closure

23rd December to 2nd January

Holiday Camp: 3rd January to 6th January

Term 1: Monday 10th January to 25th March 2023 (10 weeks)

Chinese New Year: 22nd to 24th January (Nature Playtime with Chinese New Year, no Forest Schoo)

Holiday Camp: 25th to 27th January

Last Day of Term: 25th March 

Holiday Camps: 27th March to 7th April

For additional camp dates please enquire