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Eco-Warrior Junior Naturalist Camp

Monday 25th March, 09.00-15.00, 6-12yrs

  • Ended
  • Loewen Road


One-Day Junior Naturalist Camp (Ages 6-12) Dive into the fascinating world of nature with our One-Day Junior Naturalist Camp, crafted for curious young minds aged 6 to 12. Set in the lush surroundings of Wildlings, this camp combines education with adventure, offering an immersive experience in the wonders of the natural world. Camp Overview Date & Time: 9am to 3pm (One Day Only) Location: Nestled in the heart of nature, Wildlings provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable day of discovery and learning. Activities and Learning Experiences: Insect Exploration: Uncover the secret lives of insects, from majestic butterflies to their caterpillar host plants, fostering a deep appreciation for these tiny creatures. Habitat Creation: Build insect habitats at Wildlings and design pollinator gardens to take home, contributing to biodiversity. Farming and Composting: Delve into the essentials of farming and composting, understanding the cycle of plant life and the importance of healthy soil. Plant Propagation: Learn the art of propagating plants, gaining hands-on experience in growing new life. Chicken Care: Get to know our resident chickens, learning about their care and the role they play in an eco-friendly garden. Nature Games: Engage in fun, educational games that highlight the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Environmental Education: Discover environmental indicators of a healthy planet and explore the intricacies of the tropical ecosystem. Learning Outcomes: Environmental Stewardship: Foster a sense of responsibility towards the planet and its ecosystems. Scientific Inquiry: Encourage curiosity and observational skills through hands-on activities and exploration. Sustainable Practices: Understand the importance of sustainability in everyday life, from composting to plant care. Teamwork & Independence: Promote collaboration and self-reliance through group activities and individual projects. Benefits of Attending: Deepened Connection to Nature: Campers will leave with a greater appreciation and understanding of the natural world around them. Practical Skills: From gardening to chicken care, children will learn practical skills that can be applied at home. Creative Expression: Building habitats and gardens allows for creative expression and personal contribution to environmental conservation. Lunchtime Bonding: Campers must bring a packed lunch, providing an opportunity to relax and bond with fellow naturalists.

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