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New Drop-off Forest School

Fridays | 09.00-12.30 | Singapore Botanic Gardens (Tanglin Gate) | 3.5yrs-7yrs | drop-off only | starting Friday 8th November

We are delighted to announce that Wildlings can now offer our customers the option to drop their children off with us for their Forest School session in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Programme: 4 weeks

Week 1 | 8th November | SIngapore Botanic Gardens Tanglin Gate

Week 2 | 15th November | Singapore Botanic Gardens Tanglin Gate

Week 3 | 22nd November | Singapore Botanic Gardens Tanglin Gate

Week 4 | 29th November | Singapore Botanic Gardens Tanglin Gate

Trials @ $35

Remaining sessions @ $55

20% discount for siblings

Our Friday morning sessions provide parents with an alternative option to sending their children to a morning of traditional education in an indoor environment. Let our experienced Forest School Leaders Claire and Kelly facilitate your child's weekly adventures in the magical world of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

During their session the children are free to roam, explore, challenge and engage with one another and in this way our programme has a strong influence on the development of emotional intelligence, self-esteem, and social skills. Our Leaders carefully craft experiences based on the learner's interests. Experiences have multiple links to holistic development and the UK Early Years Foundation Stage. Our Forest School sessions are inspired by the natural world and it's cycles, cultural celebrations and stories. This helps children to develop a strong sense of their place in the world. We work to encourage the next generation of caretakers for our planet to emerge through personal experience of the wonder of nature.

Children attending this programme will be:

  • Ready to spend time away from their primary care-givers.

  • Able to respect the boundaries that are necessary to ensuring safety in the outdoors.

  • Physically able to play and learn outdoors for the duration of the session in the tropical environment.

Parents are invited to volunteer, with one volunteer space available each session. Parents are also invited to contribute their own skills and cultural knowledge to enrich our sessions as part of our Community for Learning.  



Welcome circle

Warm-up activity and our Forest School song. The children decide where they would like to go today. 

Nature Walk

En-route to our camp for the day the children will lead the way. Nature is ever changing, and each walk is never the same. We will take the time to explore the differences we find. 

The group will likely stop and the Leader will introduce an experience which may evolve throughout the session. 

 Make-camp & Social Snack Time

When we arrive at out destination we will make camp for the session. We will have items with us in our essential gear to make ourselves safe, comfortable and ready to play (and learn!). 

Learning through play experiences

Depending on where camp is for the rest of the session, the leader will facilitate site appropriate learning through play experiences. These experiences will often use natural objects, the environment or standard Forest School skills, but not always. There will likely be a theme for the session, which may link to a theme for the term, but Forest School is not curriculum driven.

Session Close

We will pack up together

The children will be encouraged to reflect on their session and the things that they experienced and learned, this may be through photographs, video, circle time or nature journals. Children are never forced to participate at Forest School. .

The session will close with a story and two minutes of quiet time, breathing or yoga.

We will then make our way back to the pick-up point. 


We will arrive at the collection point no later than 12.15pm. The children will settle down to eat their packed lunches before collection. 


Please view our Safety Policy to find out how we work to manage and mitigate the hazards that children may be exposed to whilst attending tropical Forest School. All parents will need to have their own insurance for their children as our insurance coverage is for Wildlings staff only. All parents will be required to sign a waiver before their children can attend Forest School and a copy is available in advance upon request.


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