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COVID-19 Measures from 27th September - 10th October, and 11th October to 24th October 2021

Please read on to find out how the new restrictions affect your sessions at Wildlings.

Our objective is to keep children’s lives as normal as possible, with as much outdoor time as possible, and for as long as possible, for their overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Wildlings is permitted to continue to operate certain activities during this new Phase 2, when we are able to meet the safe distancing requirements.

We take our lead from the advisories issued for the following sectors:

- Enrichment / tuition centers

- Sports and recreation

- Lifestyle related services

Our approach is in keeping with safe distancing measures:

1. Social gatherings, including physical activities of a social nature, can continue in groups of two.

2. People from different households should keep to groups of two but we expect the continued flexibility to be allowed for family members who need to move in bigger groups (greater than two persons), especially those with young children as stated by the previous heightened alert advisory back in May:

3. All in-person classes for children under 12yrs must be suspended until at least 10th October.


Capacity limits apply to all recreation facilities and activities. Our site capacity limit is 50 persons which has not changed. Our outdoor class limit is 30 persons, down from 50.

What continues, is postponed, or cancelled?

Based on the above, we can safely go ahead with some programmes, others, sadly, need to be cancelled or postponed for the time being.

This next phase is split into two parts: 27th September to 10th October - no in person classes may be held for children under 12yrs old.

There will be a review on the Covid-19 situation, then hopefully, from 11th October, we can recommence in-person classes for children which would include our holiday camps planned for 11-15th October and 18-22nd October. These camps would proceed with the children paired up with a buddy and activities amended slightly to focus on the activities that work best in pairs or individually. We'll adapt to the rules at the time.

We're pleased to highlight that Nature Playtime can continue during this time, with extra self-guided activities to make it more fun for groups of two. Wild Cooking also works well in pairs so we will look to offer more Wild Cooking sessions for the children during the 11-15th School break.

How We’ll Operate

Cleanliness and Hygiene

- All of our teaching staff will wear surgical masks and undergo a weekly ART test

- We will continue to use disinfectant spray on frequent touch points

- We will continue to hose down and clean all resources and equipment between sessions

- Hand sanitiser as well as hand washing stations remain available at all times

Crowd and Queue Management

- Safe distancing markers have been renewed at the entrance gate

- All sessions have a flexible start time

- New Safe Distance reminder signs have been placed around the site.

- Each play zone will have a marker to state the capacity of the play space. Customers will need to adhere to the individual play space limits.

Health Checks and Check In

- We are able to scan Trace Together tokens.

- You may use your Trace Together App to scan the QR code signs which are available at the entrance gate.

- Staff will check for visible signs of illness – runny noses and coughs for example, and may ask customers to leave Wildlings if such signs are present.


- All Nature Play customers are encouraged to pre-book to ensure that we have spaces available.However, if it is available on our website you may walk-in on the day and pay at the gate.

We are forever grateful to all of our understanding customers at this time. It will take us time to deal with the administrative burden these things cause and we appreciate your patience.

Keep calm, get outside and stay healthy everyone!

Claire & The Wildlings Team



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