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T3 Hornbills Saturdays | Y2 & Y3 | 6-8y

Saturday morning club for children who love to go outside, get active, explore and play in the wild!

  • Starts Aug 24
  • Wildlings Nature Space Dempsey

14 spots left


At Wildlings, we are immensely proud of our Hornbills Forest School Program, an enriching outdoor adventure designed for children in grades 2 and 3, aged 6 to 8 years old. Our engaging sessions, offered on Wednesdays and Saturdays, provide learners with the opportunity to get outside and play in the wild while fostering key developmental skills. Why Choose Forest School for Your Child? As children transition into grades 2 and 3, they are eager to explore the world around them on their terms, be adventurous, and take risks. The Hornbills Forest School Program is thoughtfully designed to harness this curiosity and encourage holistic growth. Here's why it's an ideal choice for your Hornbill: 1. Hands-On Learning: Our forest sessions offer a hands-on approach to education, allowing your child to connect with nature on a profound level, enhancing their understanding of the world. 2. Social & Emotional Development: In a supportive outdoor environment, your Hornbill will develop essential social skills, emotional intelligence, and resilience through teamwork and self-discovery. 3. Curiosity & Critical Thinking: We promote curiosity and critical thinking through a variety of engaging activities, empowering your child to ask questions, solve problems, and make discoveries. 4. Environmental Awareness: Your Hornbill will develop a deep appreciation for the environment and a sense of responsibility as they learn about and care for the natural world. What to Expect in Our Sessions: Our Hornbills Forest School Program follows a carefully structured yet adaptable format: a) Arrival & Nature Connection: As children arrive and settle in, they have the opportunity to connect with the natural world, fostering a sense of wonder and appreciation. b)Welcome Circle & warm-up: We gather for a welcome circle and warm-up/ice breaker, promoting collaboration, communication, and teamwork. c) Exploration Time & Guided Learning: During this phase, your child can explore independently or engage in guided learning activities that align with their interests and developmental stage. d) Child-Led Adventures: We encourage self-directed exploration and play, allowing children to take the lead while we ensure their safety and well-being. e) Closing Reflection: Our sessions conclude with a time for reflection, where children share their experiences, insights, and newfound knowledge. f) After the session parents receive a session summary and link to a photo album.


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