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Wildlings Wednesdays have moved to the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Where: Tanglin Gate

When: 3.30-5.45pm, Wednesdays, from 23rd October 2019

Who: Children 3yrs to 6 yrs old and their accompanying adults, or, drop-off children 3.5yrs and above and ready to adventure alone

Butterflies painted by our Wednesday afternoon group during our recent holiday programme "All Things Bugs"

Why have we moved from Bukit Batok Nature Park?

The weather conditions in Singapore over the next two to three months are due to deteriorate as we enter the inter-monsoon period (October to November) followed by the early northeast monsoon (December to early January). The weather patterns at this time tend to send heavy rain and thunderstorms predominantly to the northern and western regions of Singapore, affecting areas like Bukit Batok Nature Park, but often (of course not always) stopping short of more central areas like the Singapore Botanic Gardens 6 kilometres away.

Although playing in the rain and jumping in muddy puddles is a rite of passage, lightning is a serious danger and during this period in the tropics heavy rain and lightning are partners in crime.

Playing in the heavy rain in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Where will the group move to?

We will be moving to the Singapore Botanic Gardens South. The meeting point will be by the Tanglin Gate at 3.30pm, and we will adventure throughout the southern section of the gardens, completing our session at 5.30-5.45pm.

The Botanic Gardens provides the shelters and exit points that an afternoon Forest School programme in the tropical monsoon ideally needs for safety reasons. It’s not as wild as we would like, but it’s part of our challenge to show you a wilder side of the Botanic Gardens you may never have seen before and to find creative ways to fully use this resource in a way that benefits accompanying adults and the children and delivers a rich and full Forest School experience.  

We will adventure mainly throughout the southern section of the gardens outlined in red on the map above.

When will the group move?

The first session to be held in the Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG) will be Wednesday 23rd October 2019.

The schedule for the remainder of the programme is as follows::

  • 22rd October: SBG, Deepavali theme

  • 31st October: Labrador Nature Reserve excursion: Halloween theme

  • 6th November: SBG

  • 13th November: SBG

  • 20th November: Outdoor cooking session – Labrador Nature Park

  • 23rd November: (Saturday, 09.30am-12.00pm) 3-6yrs make-up session in Bukit Batok Nature Park (pre-registration is required as this is limited to 10 places across the Tuesday and Wednesday groups)

  • 27th November: SBG

  • 4th December: SBG

  • 11th December: SBG, Christmas theme

Can we attend using one of our make-up sessions?

Yes absolutely. Anyone attending our Tuesday morning 3yrs-6yrs group may attend this group to make up for missed sessions (up to two per term). This is on an accompanied basis and please notify us in advance.

Can we drop our children off with Wildlings during this session?

Yes! We have been joined by Kelly, a trained Forest School Leader from the UK. Kelly is able to assist with this session, enabling us to offer this session as an optional drop-off programme for children who are ready and 3.5 years old and above. If this is of interest to you please contact us. The cost for drop-off is $50 per afternoon session and we are offering a 10% discount promotion for this new option.


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