Welcome Sabrina to the Wildlings Team

Tell us a little about yourself...

I'm always up for an adventure. I have been teaching lower primary children for most of my youth (almost a decade!). I knew at my young-ish age that I wanted to work with children and keep my youth too! I am always amazed at how their extraordinary minds show creativity and humour.

I also spent a wonderful year observing the power of the outdoors and nature to inspire children as a Forest School volunteer.

You can usually catch me with a good book in a corner, trying out new nutritious recipes in the kitchen or taking a stroll at nearby parks when I'm not teaching. 

Why do you love Forest School?

I love that Forest School allows children to be children. It's a safe space and community where they can enjoy using their imagination. They have the opportunity to use nature in creative ways instead of mechanically working through a syllabus. 

If you were still a child you would spend your time...

In mud without worrying what's in it. I would also want to spend time with animals. Horses, little goats or anything 'fluffy'!

You're Singaporean, how does today's childhood compare to your own?

I used to be able to go downstairs from my apartment and meet other children to play with. I would be cycling with my brother at the nearby park and meet random neighbourhood children. Today's children seem to be studying academically or playing computer games a lot more in their homes. There are too many opportunities for instant gratification.

Children are not given the freedom to roam that we were back then. Parents are more afraid, and safety at all costs (rather than appropriate to the actual danger) is a higher priority.

The future for children is...

Complex. Our current world provides many opportunities and new experiences, but do these truly make us happy? There are worrying trends in childhood, of decreasing access to wild spaces, rising obesity, myopia, asthma, and allergies, also of less time for the joy of free play.

We must work together as a society to tackle the difficult issues and place the wellbeing of children at the heart of society.

Thank you Sabrina! Welcome to the team.

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